Sunday, May 29, 2011

My speed run on Comicpalooza

Hm...seems I'm banned from adsense for some reason....That sucks, but meh~

I was only at Comicpalooza for a short amount of time ( well short for me anyways) since the peeps I was riding with had to leave early ( 7 or 8 if I recall). There were a lot of good cosplays and costumes, of course there were the fattys and shit tier ones (mines included), but wow. I wasn't used to seeing 4 good cosplays for every 1 bad cosplay, it was refreshing
My face when I saw a Ghostbusters group and a hot X-men Evolution Rouge

My shit tier cosplay for that day was the anime influenced Red X from Teen Titans, that being because my friend wanted to do Raven from said series and didn't want to be alone in walking around costumed (she did an amazing job especially when compared to me).

This guy is Red X for a good reference
I personally hated the end result of my costume, the mask I made with of gauze wasn't as smooth and flat as it should have been signature I lacked gloves and proper boots, and, save for the mask, I wasn't able to emulate the details on the costume (the signature X's on the chest & gloves). I was my latest shame in a costume. Yet strangely enough there were people that still liked (especially the kiddies), so that somewhat made it easier for my paranoid self-conscious
Just like with my fail Quote cosplay, I pretty much know what all I need to do to fix up my Fail X.  First thing would be to get a morphsuit, since that's what most superhero costumes consist of. Second, I would need to completely scrap my old mask for a newer, more accurate one. And, of course, I would need to get accurate gloves, a better belt, boots, and a goddamn red X on my chest.

I'm looking forward to it, especially whenever I get the money for supplies. I'm defiantly going to have a blast practicing mask making with gauze and other materials. Hopefully I'll be able to post some results if I miraculously get a camera. 

But until then I suppose I'll bide my time with this powerful scene

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Dead Space thoughts

(This was supposed to be Wenesdays post, but crap happened....)

Internet was up and running upon my arrival, so woot woot.
But later I got a virus from and my connection went out again…..

I finally downloaded some Virus and Malware protection though, and it cleansed me from the Net-AIDS.
So with that I over I can talk about space zombies/monsters/Cthulhu lite.  Finally beat Dead Space, and GAWD the final boss was a bitch! A multi-tentacle covered bitch!

Since everything else was horrible, here's Tree Trunks

This being the second (if I recall correctly) horror game for the 360 I’ve played, the first game being Condemned and I found that to be pretty subpar, it was pretty good.

For the first few chapters on the game, I was pretty much on edge. The atmosphere felt like I was stuck on the Nostromo from the original Alien movie (thank you Wiki), and despite the arsenal I had at my disposal; I felt like I could have been (and on several occasions) brutally murdered. Of course, halfway through the game I regained my balls and went from hallway checking pussy to Sigourney SchwarzaStallon (that’s a lot of S’s…)
And since I can't find a proper pic to emulate the badassnes, here's a guy with a cheetah head, beating a solider with another solider

I’d be lying if I didn’t say that the game almost seemed to have caught on to my confidence boost in the middle of the story and skewed my ass to remind not to get to cocky, fucking regenerating Necromoph.
The little puzzles that were present in the game were well designed, since at least one of the earlier puzzles stumped me for a bit.

I found the story intriguing for the most part, in a sense it was felt like I was in a mix between “Alien” and John Carpenters “The Thing”; my character and I was mostly isolated from other character/npcs, the ship was dimly lit, every dead body felt like a potential threat (which I stomped out). Dead Space had some really good atmosphere for the majority of the game and I look forward to bumming the sequel off my friend if he ever gets it.

Also this:

 I'll post about my exploits at Comicpalooza by Sunday hopefully


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Woe is me...

The internet connection I've been sipho- I mean using has been acting screwy as of late, so posting might be scare until further notice.

Dead Island looks so freaking promising. I can't wait for it's release.


Modern Warfare 3 has been confirmed, and just like Black Ops, it' looks like it'll be fun..... I just suck at those games though.....

Almost completed Dead Space, so more on that probably tomorrow

Hope my connection's working when I get back to the lair....

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Dead Room

I finally got around on playing the game Dead Space, and on my run through the first two chapters, I was pleasantly surprised. But before I talk about my deep space adventure, I'm going to talk about this.

Oh Hai 
This is The Room Tribute, a hilarious game (which can be found HERE) based on a hilariously bad movie. If you don't know about The Room, you can find an article of it on Wikipedia or better yet I can show you one of the many crowning moments of this flick.
The following clip contains top notch acting

The game, however, is not as painful to play despite it's main source of inspiration. While The Room Tribute follows the events that transpire in the movie to a T, it still takes liberties to make itself its own medium and a fun one at that.

Yeah, they went there
The things the creators hid in this game were just as  funny ( and at some points disturbingly random (still funny)) as the main gameplay. Of course at some points the game seemed to drag on for quite awhile, but other than that, it's a fun way to kill time.
Time to put you to rest
But I digress. Lets talk about Dead Space.

Only after a few minutes of gameplay, I can see why Dead Space won awards for things like atmosphere and sound design. After being thrown into the first chapter and having this ...."guy" chase my ass for the first few until I finally found my trusty Plasma Cutter. Of course, before I actually encountered any Necromorphs, I never left any room without stomping on every body on the floor.

Needs more stomping
My only complaint ( more like pet peeve) is the small text, but that tends to be a problem with a majority of my 360 games.
Definantly can't wait till it gets darker so I knock out some more chapters.
Just exploding with excitement 

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Heh, Assguard

Finally saw Thor tonight. I thought it was entertaining, I personally would pick one of the Ironman flicks, but Thor was quite the alright, and I defiantly won't mind seeing him in the upcoming Avengers flick. It just sucks knowing that Odin's horse isn't going to be in it....
And since I can't find a Youtube clip of Odin's BA horse, so this will have to do

F.Y.I. if you see the movie, stick around after the credits, you get a little cameo.

And here's a little backstory for the his horse as told by a drunk guy

Other than that, my finals are over. So other than trying to find some means of extra income, I have to figure what I might blog about next week; either some random monster hunt on Monster Hunter Tri for the Wii; or maybe monologue on some other game in my limited collection.

Well if worst comes to worst, I could probably take some random event out of my day next week and stretch it out of proportions.... or something like that

Now if you'll excuse me, thanks to this guys blog, I'm going to continue playing Lightning Warrior Raidy....

Judge me not

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Virtual On Time

I still have one more final tomorrow before I'm free of this wretched semester. 

Al.....most.... t-there....

Despite my weekend being wasted on trying to cram enough words in my geology paper that was due on Monday, I was rewarded by my mad scientist Dev friend with an awesome time.

What was that awesome time?
That only scratches the surface

We  gathered the old trio, plus 1, (Me, Dev, Pie, and his bro) and hung out; watched Adventure Time, shot at each other, and played on a arcade he rebuilt/fixed up. That aracde was the fuck-tasically awesome Virtual On arcade

Gameplay video

Dev being the mad scientist that he is, wiped the freaking floor with us (22 straight wins). I don't know if it was the fact that I've been rereading Eyeshield 21 or what have ye, but I was getting closer and closer to beating him. Might be the a deus ex machina or something behind it I suppose.

We'll show em next time Viper

All in all it was an awesome night that bled into the next day. Was late to work, but I'd defiantly will do it again.
Well I'm off to study. 

Saturday, May 7, 2011


Not much to blog about this week, besides next week being finals week.
A blank week it seems
ON A BRIGHTER NOTE: Adventure Time
Fucking Awesome two parter episode

A majority of Adventure Time episodes are great, but this one just had an extra universe of Awesome in it.

My face for both episodes

So later on today, after making a couple of more dents in my finals, I'll be watching Thor. I've heard mostly good things about it. Not great things, just good.

So yea..... guess I'll leave on this note

Sunday, May 1, 2011

There is no mercy on the battlefield.....

Only death...... and maybe the screams of little children
Don't expect any mercy from me when you have a gun pointed at me......Just pain
So, as stated in the previous blog, me, some of the Justice League members (Batman, Aquaman, Zantanna, Superman, and Superboy) and some other guys(8 in total) went paintballing today. And it was quite the awesome. We went six rounds and 3 different games/maps at this place called Survival something; Elimination, Bridge, and Castle. What bothered me the most out this awesome event was, as it usually would be, the freaking goggles.
Pretty much this
I don't know what is it with me and rental goggles, but whatever it is pisses me off.

But I digress..... Back to the epic Sunday of paintballing. The first two rounds were that of an elimination game. Though it was fun overall, it kinda blows that my group was split down the middle. The only real interesting event to take note of during this game would probably be the fact that someone snuck over to our side of the map and tried to take me out along with 2 other players. I say tried to because when he shot at me 3 times, all three shots just bounced off. Then I returned the favor and made sure mines busted on his chest. Made me feel like a juggernaut.
Not that Juggernaut....bitch
Um....Guess that's close enough

But anyways..... The second game was Bridge. The objective in the first round was simple; capture the bridge at the other end of the map. That's not the objective that me and Aquaman was assigned to though, we decided to rush the house in the middle of the map and rain down bullets to the opposing team.

Add a little more arrows in there

As soon as the ref blows the whistle to start the game, me and Aquaman rushed the house. I check the entrance and Aquaman checks the hall. The halls and doors were clear so we prepared move to the second floor. That was until a little kid tried to shot at us as soon as we made our way to the entrance of the stair case.

Gee, I wonder what happened next

We weren't hit, and the poor kid realized it and tried to run back upstairs... But yeah, it was too late. We shot the kid in unison, 3 shots all in his back. So after he got his back acquainted with all 6 of our shots, we rushed upstairs to make sure it was clear. Aquamans side was clear and the side I took had the kid we shot, it wasn't hard to determine since he was sobbing and such, so I really just went up there to confirm our kill. What I found though, beside the sobbing kid, was his brother of roughly the same age; took him off guard though so a  noncalunt threat and referee later and the opposing time lost two more bodies. I got shot in the head a little later that round (still won it though, so fook yea). Second round we were defending, so me and some teammates took the house with relative ease. Ran out of ammo in the middle of the match though.... so I had to get reacquainted with my Scavenger Pro ability and took unbusted paintballs and shot them at the opposing team.
Was picking at the floor like crazy
The third and finally round we played was Castle, and it was quite the awesome out of the three so far(reminded me of  Call of Duty's zombie games). The defending team couldn't leave the castle and the opposing team had to wipe out those that were housed there. Shot the ref a couple of times when my team was oops
But after getting to the castle, a lot of douchebags from the defending team was blind firing (which was a no-no in that game) and some how or other one of their blind bullets burst under my mask...gawd the taste was horrid. Luckily the ref nulled the shot and I took out the bastard that got me (fucking corner camper). Round two consisted of my team defending and we did awesome (despite the fagbags still blind firing, especially the father of kids I beat ass on), but for some strange reason their bullets wouldn't burst on me, especially when it counted during the last few seconds at close range

All in all me, the Justice League, and those other guys had a smashing good time. And we're looking forward to getting our own guns and doing it again (still want the one that looks like a FAL).

Saturday, April 30, 2011


I suppose this will be a short blog since the real action's going to happen tomorrow ( Aquaman's paying my into paintball. Woot Woot). .

Something like this, but I doubt there'll be any legal or hot chicks
So a more bulkier blog will be in order tomorrow

But I digress, back to the mission at hand.

Man kids are turning into weak shit nowadays. Had to travel roller rink to pick up my brother and I saw some kids skating around with the oddest thing in front of them... A three legged walker with wheels..
Sadly enough I didn't want to risk looking like a pedophile photographing peoples kid
so here's a picture of a majestic platypus 
I dunno, it just seems like some unseen force is doing everything in it's power to pussify kids or just make them flat out retarded these day. I don't know about you, but when I was learning how to ride a bike or roller skating/blading, my incentive on learn was not to fall the fuck down (training wheels on the bike sucked so much that it was like they weren't even there). And it worked like a charm.
Bike riding in my days = Capom level difficulty

Now I'm not hashing the ideal of training wheels for other things like bicycles, it's just I (as a faceless individual online) draw the line on rolling walkers for rolling skates. It just feels like parents are replacing something they should do with their kids with a bundle of sticks (or fags if you will), that just seems like lazy parenting to a analytic person like me. It's up there with the banning the use of writing failing grades with red ink, because some people argue that it upsets the kiddies.....and not the fact that they failed

Sooner or later, the little tykes are going to pull this crap by the masses

Guess I'll just leave this now not so short blog turn rant

Till Sunday, laterz

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

LoL o' Clock

For awhile now I knew that I would have to fight some stray animal in defense of my dog Max..... little did I know, that animal would be some bitch of a cat =_=.
Fucking Cats
We were just mind our own business at park waiting for my jogging buddies, when suddenly (!!!) Feral Cat appeared. It was quite the weird, we (we and my dog) were still near my car, texting my friends to see where they were at, this stray cat kept inching towards us and would not stop meowing. I did not foresee that damned cats intention until it was too late....

Sorta like this
My first response was to pick up Max and put em behind me, but the cats retard phasers were set to "DICK MODE" and keep trying to slap him.

=_= I had to show that pussy it's place
Replace the dog with a cat and you've got the geest

So I kicked the cat in the head. It wasn't too hard, just a warning tap...... I should have realized that there are no warning taps in the jungle earlier, but the cat was ever the retard and persisted on its assault. I'm not one for animal cruelty, but I prioritized my dogs safety over some dumb I up the cat kicking voltage

So yea, I proceed to kick the cat in the head. In a public park. In front of "the children" (there was a little league practicing at said park). A few kicks later, the retard cat finally realized that I'm not afraid to beat an animal to death (Monster Hunter harden me to that), the cat hid under a truck..... I said, "screw it", and called it a victory... That was until Kent pointed out that Max had a scar on his face.... I can say with confidence, that when I left that cat at the truly understood what fear was....

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sand+Wind=My new foe

Went with my friend, Aquaman, to some form of beach meet for 240 owners at Galveston.
War flash backs aside (we were rear ended while driving there) we had a pretty good time at the beach and I even caught a shiny Absol while killing time on the road.

My shallow highlight of the day

Does not change the fact that the sand was quite the bitch.....
Something like this

Once I get my crap together this coming month, I'll post/blog some of my crap I plan on doing for Comicpalooza and see about doing some mediocre reviews on something (I do need to beat Madworld or I could splurge on some random toy/action figure....)

........ Cowboy Bebop's on.. so laterz internet peeps

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My first do I blog stuff

Um....yea, not one to usually type my mind, but I suppose I should start so it'll help me with other projects. I'll probably do the generic rants but guess what, you'll listen and you'll like it. And if you don't like it you can file ear rape to the police because I shoved unwanted things in your ear and you can never un-hear what I've spoken. Maybe do some armature-ish reviews on toys, vidia grames, comics, and what have ye..... Definitely will be leaving a tab with on later blogging. I'm in college now so you know I know what's what boyo. Well I got work tomorrow to work a minimum labor job that I don't really like, but it pays the bills. Signing off.