Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Dead Room

I finally got around on playing the game Dead Space, and on my run through the first two chapters, I was pleasantly surprised. But before I talk about my deep space adventure, I'm going to talk about this.

Oh Hai 
This is The Room Tribute, a hilarious game (which can be found HERE) based on a hilariously bad movie. If you don't know about The Room, you can find an article of it on Wikipedia or better yet I can show you one of the many crowning moments of this flick.
The following clip contains top notch acting

The game, however, is not as painful to play despite it's main source of inspiration. While The Room Tribute follows the events that transpire in the movie to a T, it still takes liberties to make itself its own medium and a fun one at that.

Yeah, they went there
The things the creators hid in this game were just as  funny ( and at some points disturbingly random (still funny)) as the main gameplay. Of course at some points the game seemed to drag on for quite awhile, but other than that, it's a fun way to kill time.
Time to put you to rest
But I digress. Lets talk about Dead Space.

Only after a few minutes of gameplay, I can see why Dead Space won awards for things like atmosphere and sound design. After being thrown into the first chapter and having this ...."guy" chase my ass for the first few until I finally found my trusty Plasma Cutter. Of course, before I actually encountered any Necromorphs, I never left any room without stomping on every body on the floor.

Needs more stomping
My only complaint ( more like pet peeve) is the small text, but that tends to be a problem with a majority of my 360 games.
Definantly can't wait till it gets darker so I knock out some more chapters.
Just exploding with excitement 


  1. You're tearing me apart TokenBla!

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