Sunday, May 1, 2011

There is no mercy on the battlefield.....

Only death...... and maybe the screams of little children
Don't expect any mercy from me when you have a gun pointed at me......Just pain
So, as stated in the previous blog, me, some of the Justice League members (Batman, Aquaman, Zantanna, Superman, and Superboy) and some other guys(8 in total) went paintballing today. And it was quite the awesome. We went six rounds and 3 different games/maps at this place called Survival something; Elimination, Bridge, and Castle. What bothered me the most out this awesome event was, as it usually would be, the freaking goggles.
Pretty much this
I don't know what is it with me and rental goggles, but whatever it is pisses me off.

But I digress..... Back to the epic Sunday of paintballing. The first two rounds were that of an elimination game. Though it was fun overall, it kinda blows that my group was split down the middle. The only real interesting event to take note of during this game would probably be the fact that someone snuck over to our side of the map and tried to take me out along with 2 other players. I say tried to because when he shot at me 3 times, all three shots just bounced off. Then I returned the favor and made sure mines busted on his chest. Made me feel like a juggernaut.
Not that Juggernaut....bitch
Um....Guess that's close enough

But anyways..... The second game was Bridge. The objective in the first round was simple; capture the bridge at the other end of the map. That's not the objective that me and Aquaman was assigned to though, we decided to rush the house in the middle of the map and rain down bullets to the opposing team.

Add a little more arrows in there

As soon as the ref blows the whistle to start the game, me and Aquaman rushed the house. I check the entrance and Aquaman checks the hall. The halls and doors were clear so we prepared move to the second floor. That was until a little kid tried to shot at us as soon as we made our way to the entrance of the stair case.

Gee, I wonder what happened next

We weren't hit, and the poor kid realized it and tried to run back upstairs... But yeah, it was too late. We shot the kid in unison, 3 shots all in his back. So after he got his back acquainted with all 6 of our shots, we rushed upstairs to make sure it was clear. Aquamans side was clear and the side I took had the kid we shot, it wasn't hard to determine since he was sobbing and such, so I really just went up there to confirm our kill. What I found though, beside the sobbing kid, was his brother of roughly the same age; took him off guard though so a  noncalunt threat and referee later and the opposing time lost two more bodies. I got shot in the head a little later that round (still won it though, so fook yea). Second round we were defending, so me and some teammates took the house with relative ease. Ran out of ammo in the middle of the match though.... so I had to get reacquainted with my Scavenger Pro ability and took unbusted paintballs and shot them at the opposing team.
Was picking at the floor like crazy
The third and finally round we played was Castle, and it was quite the awesome out of the three so far(reminded me of  Call of Duty's zombie games). The defending team couldn't leave the castle and the opposing team had to wipe out those that were housed there. Shot the ref a couple of times when my team was oops
But after getting to the castle, a lot of douchebags from the defending team was blind firing (which was a no-no in that game) and some how or other one of their blind bullets burst under my mask...gawd the taste was horrid. Luckily the ref nulled the shot and I took out the bastard that got me (fucking corner camper). Round two consisted of my team defending and we did awesome (despite the fagbags still blind firing, especially the father of kids I beat ass on), but for some strange reason their bullets wouldn't burst on me, especially when it counted during the last few seconds at close range

All in all me, the Justice League, and those other guys had a smashing good time. And we're looking forward to getting our own guns and doing it again (still want the one that looks like a FAL).


  1. Yes yes... and now I'm so sore that I am walking like I rode a horse all day yesterday.. O_o

  2. Actually, it was more of a PAINball. I won't be surprised if that kid developed back issues after that game