Saturday, April 30, 2011


I suppose this will be a short blog since the real action's going to happen tomorrow ( Aquaman's paying my into paintball. Woot Woot). .

Something like this, but I doubt there'll be any legal or hot chicks
So a more bulkier blog will be in order tomorrow

But I digress, back to the mission at hand.

Man kids are turning into weak shit nowadays. Had to travel roller rink to pick up my brother and I saw some kids skating around with the oddest thing in front of them... A three legged walker with wheels..
Sadly enough I didn't want to risk looking like a pedophile photographing peoples kid
so here's a picture of a majestic platypus 
I dunno, it just seems like some unseen force is doing everything in it's power to pussify kids or just make them flat out retarded these day. I don't know about you, but when I was learning how to ride a bike or roller skating/blading, my incentive on learn was not to fall the fuck down (training wheels on the bike sucked so much that it was like they weren't even there). And it worked like a charm.
Bike riding in my days = Capom level difficulty

Now I'm not hashing the ideal of training wheels for other things like bicycles, it's just I (as a faceless individual online) draw the line on rolling walkers for rolling skates. It just feels like parents are replacing something they should do with their kids with a bundle of sticks (or fags if you will), that just seems like lazy parenting to a analytic person like me. It's up there with the banning the use of writing failing grades with red ink, because some people argue that it upsets the kiddies.....and not the fact that they failed

Sooner or later, the little tykes are going to pull this crap by the masses

Guess I'll just leave this now not so short blog turn rant

Till Sunday, laterz

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

LoL o' Clock

For awhile now I knew that I would have to fight some stray animal in defense of my dog Max..... little did I know, that animal would be some bitch of a cat =_=.
Fucking Cats
We were just mind our own business at park waiting for my jogging buddies, when suddenly (!!!) Feral Cat appeared. It was quite the weird, we (we and my dog) were still near my car, texting my friends to see where they were at, this stray cat kept inching towards us and would not stop meowing. I did not foresee that damned cats intention until it was too late....

Sorta like this
My first response was to pick up Max and put em behind me, but the cats retard phasers were set to "DICK MODE" and keep trying to slap him.

=_= I had to show that pussy it's place
Replace the dog with a cat and you've got the geest

So I kicked the cat in the head. It wasn't too hard, just a warning tap...... I should have realized that there are no warning taps in the jungle earlier, but the cat was ever the retard and persisted on its assault. I'm not one for animal cruelty, but I prioritized my dogs safety over some dumb I up the cat kicking voltage

So yea, I proceed to kick the cat in the head. In a public park. In front of "the children" (there was a little league practicing at said park). A few kicks later, the retard cat finally realized that I'm not afraid to beat an animal to death (Monster Hunter harden me to that), the cat hid under a truck..... I said, "screw it", and called it a victory... That was until Kent pointed out that Max had a scar on his face.... I can say with confidence, that when I left that cat at the truly understood what fear was....

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sand+Wind=My new foe

Went with my friend, Aquaman, to some form of beach meet for 240 owners at Galveston.
War flash backs aside (we were rear ended while driving there) we had a pretty good time at the beach and I even caught a shiny Absol while killing time on the road.

My shallow highlight of the day

Does not change the fact that the sand was quite the bitch.....
Something like this

Once I get my crap together this coming month, I'll post/blog some of my crap I plan on doing for Comicpalooza and see about doing some mediocre reviews on something (I do need to beat Madworld or I could splurge on some random toy/action figure....)

........ Cowboy Bebop's on.. so laterz internet peeps

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My first do I blog stuff

Um....yea, not one to usually type my mind, but I suppose I should start so it'll help me with other projects. I'll probably do the generic rants but guess what, you'll listen and you'll like it. And if you don't like it you can file ear rape to the police because I shoved unwanted things in your ear and you can never un-hear what I've spoken. Maybe do some armature-ish reviews on toys, vidia grames, comics, and what have ye..... Definitely will be leaving a tab with on later blogging. I'm in college now so you know I know what's what boyo. Well I got work tomorrow to work a minimum labor job that I don't really like, but it pays the bills. Signing off.