Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sand+Wind=My new foe

Went with my friend, Aquaman, to some form of beach meet for 240 owners at Galveston.
War flash backs aside (we were rear ended while driving there) we had a pretty good time at the beach and I even caught a shiny Absol while killing time on the road.

My shallow highlight of the day

Does not change the fact that the sand was quite the bitch.....
Something like this

Once I get my crap together this coming month, I'll post/blog some of my crap I plan on doing for Comicpalooza and see about doing some mediocre reviews on something (I do need to beat Madworld or I could splurge on some random toy/action figure....)

........ Cowboy Bebop's on.. so laterz internet peeps


  1. Oh but mask is on the beginning of many more masks to come!