Saturday, May 14, 2011

Heh, Assguard

Finally saw Thor tonight. I thought it was entertaining, I personally would pick one of the Ironman flicks, but Thor was quite the alright, and I defiantly won't mind seeing him in the upcoming Avengers flick. It just sucks knowing that Odin's horse isn't going to be in it....
And since I can't find a Youtube clip of Odin's BA horse, so this will have to do

F.Y.I. if you see the movie, stick around after the credits, you get a little cameo.

And here's a little backstory for the his horse as told by a drunk guy

Other than that, my finals are over. So other than trying to find some means of extra income, I have to figure what I might blog about next week; either some random monster hunt on Monster Hunter Tri for the Wii; or maybe monologue on some other game in my limited collection.

Well if worst comes to worst, I could probably take some random event out of my day next week and stretch it out of proportions.... or something like that

Now if you'll excuse me, thanks to this guys blog, I'm going to continue playing Lightning Warrior Raidy....

Judge me not


  1. I saw Thor too, it was good. But my favorite superhero flick is still spiderman.

  2. Have ya heard the talk about rebooting the Spiderman film series? I think it might have some role in future Avenger films (that is if there are plans for more than just one)

  3. My friends and I were sposed to see Thor on opening night, but decided not to, I kinda regret it now lol.

  4. Well you might get the same experience if you go over the weekend. The theater I went to was practically sold out.