Saturday, May 28, 2011

Dead Space thoughts

(This was supposed to be Wenesdays post, but crap happened....)

Internet was up and running upon my arrival, so woot woot.
But later I got a virus from and my connection went out again…..

I finally downloaded some Virus and Malware protection though, and it cleansed me from the Net-AIDS.
So with that I over I can talk about space zombies/monsters/Cthulhu lite.  Finally beat Dead Space, and GAWD the final boss was a bitch! A multi-tentacle covered bitch!

Since everything else was horrible, here's Tree Trunks

This being the second (if I recall correctly) horror game for the 360 I’ve played, the first game being Condemned and I found that to be pretty subpar, it was pretty good.

For the first few chapters on the game, I was pretty much on edge. The atmosphere felt like I was stuck on the Nostromo from the original Alien movie (thank you Wiki), and despite the arsenal I had at my disposal; I felt like I could have been (and on several occasions) brutally murdered. Of course, halfway through the game I regained my balls and went from hallway checking pussy to Sigourney SchwarzaStallon (that’s a lot of S’s…)
And since I can't find a proper pic to emulate the badassnes, here's a guy with a cheetah head, beating a solider with another solider

I’d be lying if I didn’t say that the game almost seemed to have caught on to my confidence boost in the middle of the story and skewed my ass to remind not to get to cocky, fucking regenerating Necromoph.
The little puzzles that were present in the game were well designed, since at least one of the earlier puzzles stumped me for a bit.

I found the story intriguing for the most part, in a sense it was felt like I was in a mix between “Alien” and John Carpenters “The Thing”; my character and I was mostly isolated from other character/npcs, the ship was dimly lit, every dead body felt like a potential threat (which I stomped out). Dead Space had some really good atmosphere for the majority of the game and I look forward to bumming the sequel off my friend if he ever gets it.

Also this:

 I'll post about my exploits at Comicpalooza by Sunday hopefully


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