Sunday, May 29, 2011

My speed run on Comicpalooza

Hm...seems I'm banned from adsense for some reason....That sucks, but meh~

I was only at Comicpalooza for a short amount of time ( well short for me anyways) since the peeps I was riding with had to leave early ( 7 or 8 if I recall). There were a lot of good cosplays and costumes, of course there were the fattys and shit tier ones (mines included), but wow. I wasn't used to seeing 4 good cosplays for every 1 bad cosplay, it was refreshing
My face when I saw a Ghostbusters group and a hot X-men Evolution Rouge

My shit tier cosplay for that day was the anime influenced Red X from Teen Titans, that being because my friend wanted to do Raven from said series and didn't want to be alone in walking around costumed (she did an amazing job especially when compared to me).

This guy is Red X for a good reference
I personally hated the end result of my costume, the mask I made with of gauze wasn't as smooth and flat as it should have been signature I lacked gloves and proper boots, and, save for the mask, I wasn't able to emulate the details on the costume (the signature X's on the chest & gloves). I was my latest shame in a costume. Yet strangely enough there were people that still liked (especially the kiddies), so that somewhat made it easier for my paranoid self-conscious
Just like with my fail Quote cosplay, I pretty much know what all I need to do to fix up my Fail X.  First thing would be to get a morphsuit, since that's what most superhero costumes consist of. Second, I would need to completely scrap my old mask for a newer, more accurate one. And, of course, I would need to get accurate gloves, a better belt, boots, and a goddamn red X on my chest.

I'm looking forward to it, especially whenever I get the money for supplies. I'm defiantly going to have a blast practicing mask making with gauze and other materials. Hopefully I'll be able to post some results if I miraculously get a camera. 

But until then I suppose I'll bide my time with this powerful scene


  1. you got banned? how?
    also I wanna see your costume!

  2. To answer your questions in order:
    Yep. Their reasoning was that I had invalid activity (?).
    I'll post pics of my costume whenever I fix it up, since I promptly burned said costume after use, so that I would not be reminded of fail it possessed....